Monday, February 4, 2013

Mexico Coues Deer 2013....Days 1 & 2

With so much to tell, it will be easiest to break it down into day segments.  So here goes......

We arrived at our ranch on Sunday afternoon (Jan. 20th) around 3pm, then unpacked our gear and set up camp.  We ran out for a couple hours of glassing before dark.  We had 4 teams of 2: Damon Hughes and myself, Mike and Chase Sherwood, Devin and Ira Parry, and Spencer Porter and Rusty Ulmer.

Day 1
When light broke on Monday morning, we were scattered all over the ranch ready to divide and conquer.  Everyone saw 30+ deer on Monday except for Damon & I.  We ended the day with 7 deer.  Must have left our lens caps on or something!  The other teams all saw 1-2 buck over 100" with Mike seeing a buck that would top 110".  However, the only shots of the day were when Damon & I took out our frustrations on a javelina and some coyotes. (Guess that might be part of the reason why we only saw 7 deer!)

Our First-Day, Frustration Pig
The cowboys sure enjoyed it
Day 2
By Tuesday, some trigger fingers started to itch!  Following our pathetic start on day 1, it didn't take much to get Damon and I excited.  We glassed up a buck a long ways off and decided he needed a closer look.  By 11am we were sizing up the buck and trying to decide whether to pass or shoot.  Damon was wanting a 95"+ buck and we knew this buck wasn't quite that big.  But his unique look made up for it.  We finally decided to shoot and Damon went in to kill mode.  When the buck finally stood, Damon made a great 410 yard shot and dropped his first Mexico coues buck.

Damon's 90" Coues Buck

Beams would almost touch if his left beam wasn't broke

Later that afternoon, Spencer and Rusty glassed up a buck that they had seen the day before.  This time the buck wasn't as lucky.  Upon further examination, Spencer decided he was big enough and had the "wow factor" he was looking for.  The buck continued to move towards them while pushing a doe.  Spencer tickled the trigger on his 257 Weatherby and smoked him at 140 yards.

Spencer's 104" Coues Buck

Did I mention that the ticks were horrible this year??

Spencer's new friend
 I guess what happens in Mexico, doesn't always stay in Mexico!!

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