Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekend Antelope Scouting Trip

Well we braved 40 mph winds and extremely dusty conditions to spend a little time in my archery antelope unit this weekend with my two grandsons. I have been promising to take them camping this spring.  After a long night in a tent with the wind not slowing down at all the boys were all ready to hit the four wheelers for a long day of  looking at some new country and trying to find some bucks.

We put 20+ miles on the four wheelers finding pretty dry conditions every where we went and only seeing 10 antelope and two coyotes. But the good news is one of them is the buck Devin was trying to kill last year on his archery hunt. He knick named him the heart shaped buck because his horns almost touch at the tips. I will for sure be back in the area to get some photos and film of the heartshaped buck in the near future...... Stay tuned..

Treyden and the boys got him spotted
Deagan in Training... He sure spotted alot of white rocks

Eating some lunch
We only lost one of them

Deagan with the big find of the weekend

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Picking Up Horns

Having been out 3 of the last 4 weekends with my son in-law Colby and son Devin we have logged several miles up and down and in and out of numerous canyons. We have been in units 1, 3C and 23 with alot of blisters and really finding out how out of shape I have became this winter.  We have had decent success finding close to 30 horns and had some great times horsing around with each other and enjoying the nice spring weather we have had. Enjoy some pictures from our past adventures.
Devin with a nice set
Getting ready for the pack out
Spotted this horn from a good distance
Can't wait for next year