Monday, November 18, 2013

Leonard Raimondo's 3A/3C Rifle Bull

This year Leonard decided to cash in his bonus points for a 3A/3C rifle tag (he had something like 22 or 23).  He was able to travel out with his two friends Mike and Tom.  Tom had also drawn a tag.  We were able to look over some good bulls before this bull strolled out on a big point sunning himself.  Leonard made a perfect 150 yard shot and the bull ran about 75 yards before piling up.  Congrats on a great bull and thanks for letting BTO be a part of your hunt.

Leonard's bull had 23+ in. royals and 58 in. beams

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Art Otero's 3C archery bull

This year Art Otero was fortunate enough to draw a 3C tag and booked with Burnt Timber Outfitters.  We were able to harvest his bull on the 3rd day of Art's hunt.  We watched the bull fight a 340 type bull before he walked up to 25 yards and presented a shot.  Art's great bull gross scored a little over 384.  Congrats Art and thanks for letting me be part of your hunt.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Josh Hancock's Unit 1 AZ Bull

It's not too often that two of your family members get drawn for elk in the same year and the same unit.  This year we had that privilege. With Dane already tagging a great bull during the archery hunt it was now Josh's turn.
With Josh taking a break from college and flying home the day prior to the hunt it did not leave a lot of preparation time for him before his hunt. We began scouting in July and first located this bull on July 6th while camping with the family. We also had a couple of good encounters with him during the archery season with one being under 40 yards but could just not seal the deal. On the second day of the early rifle season with his brother Dane on point and his Brother in-law Colby Hale helping Josh killed this great Az bull.
It was great to get the entire family involved in the hunt and with Granddad's cooking and Mom (Melissa) in camp for both kills made for great memories for our family. Stay tuned to see the hunt in its entirety with multiple encounters with this bull through out the season in the near future on our blog. Good Job Boys!!!

Josh's bull had 23" Royals

The "Gang" Josh, Dane, Colby, Mom (Melissa)and Myself
 sure made for an easy pack out.
"Sibling Rivalry"  with Two great Az Bulls