Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mexico Coues Deer 2013....Day 5 and 6

Day 5 started off with Chase and myself ending up back on the same point we had been on for the previous four mornings. We had been averaging 40+ deer a day while seeing a lot of bucks, with a couple of the bucks being outstanding. 
Can't beat a Beautiful Mexican Sunset
With quite a few in our group having success we were itching to get on board or at least fire some shots. The morning started off with seeing 8-9 bucks with one being a buck that Chase had passed a few days earlier but was now ready to see what his 7MM WSM could do at some long range shooting. I set the camera up and ranged the buck at 675 yards before giving Chase the green light to let the party begin. Chases' first shot went right over his back, we didn't quite adjust for the uphill angle. The second shots vapor trail looked great through the binos until an oak branch "stepped out" in front of the buck and Chases' shot glanced just off the side. The buck had enough and decided he was ready to leave the mountain.

Chase's 675 yd trophy

With a couple of shots under our belt we decided we would move higher up the mountain to look into a saddle where a better part of our deer would travel in and out of. With the hour and a half climb we finally settled into a glassing spot. We glassed until almost dark seeing several bucks but just not one of our shooters. Just before dark and finally back to the bottom of the mountain we spot a buck watching us from about 200 yards. Chase sat down and got a rest while I ranged the buck. We figured it to be the buck Chase had missed earlier that day since we had relocated him while glassing from high up on the mountain and he was still in the same spot. Chase made the decision to shoot. The buck dropped with one shot and we were both pretty excited. Well we walked up on the buck finding out it was a smaller buck that was also in the area. We took care of the deer and got to camp late and tired but had both laughed about how our day had ended. With Daniel and Chase now crossed off the list that only left Ira and myself to fill our tags.
Chase with his "Oops Buck"

Early day 6 brought quite a lot of rain through out most of the night leaving Ira and myself both nervous and anxious to get out and try to fill our last minute tags. We sat around camp until the rain and the fog finally lifted around 9 AM. Wasting no time we loaded the four wheelers and headed out for a 30 minute ride to our drop off point which was the beginning of our hour and half hike to the top a peak we had named the "Anthill". It was a steep peak that was only 20 yards wide but revealed an incredible 360 degree viewing of some great coues deer country. The day prior from the same hill Devin, Ira, Spencer and Rusty had seen 30 plus bucks with the big 120 inch monster they had been chasing now for 3 days. The long hike in the drizzling rain and fog showed no signs of weakening but our spirits were still high.  Noon rolled around with still no break in the storm and all of us waiting impatiently. Reality was beginning to sink in thinking we were only going to kill 6 out of 8 bucks.  2 PM rolled around and all of the sudden the fog began to lift and we scrambled to set up glass and get to work.

waiting in the fog

Moments after the fog lifted

Well we only had about 3 hours to kill 2 bucks so every one jumped up and started hitting the hills around the "Anthill" hard. Instantly we were seeing bucks and does. It didn't take long before one of the bucks that Devin and Ira had passed the day prior showed himself pushing does hard. It was a team effort to keep the buck located and in the scope before Ira finally made good on 2 well placed shots at 617 yards to kill a great mexican coues deer.

Ira's great last day Buck

While the boys bailed off the Anthill to retrieve Ira's buck, that left Daniel, Damon and myself glassing frantically to find one more buck. Damon made good spot on a decent buck that happened to be in the direction of the four wheelers and the decision was made to attempt a 610 yard shot on a bedded buck. I set up my 300 win mag with the custom dial set at 600 yards and let it rip. Shortly after the shot rang out Daniel and Damon were whooping and hollering that the buck just rolled over not hardly even kicking. That brought the total team count to 8 for 8 with two bucks being killed in the last three hours of the hunt with both shots being over 600 yards.
It was one of the best Mexico coues hunts that I have had the opportunity to go on with a lot of rutting action and a lot of bucks seen by all the groups through out the entire week. We all enjoyed each others company and can't wait to get back down to chase these incredible animals and enjoy time away from work...... If our wives will just let us go just one more time..
Until next time....

My 610 yd buck  killed with less than hour left in the hunt
8 for 8

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