Monday, October 1, 2012

OE4A AZ Antelope Hunt

After hunting the archery antelope season the BTO team moved straight into the rifle antelope hunts.
 Having spent alot of time in unit 5A, I was contacted by Brad Remfrey and asked if I could help out a great organization called the Outdoor Experience for All. This great organization has been created by Eddie Corona and assists kids with life threatening illnesses and provides outdoor experiences for them. I jumped at the opportunity and a first rate camp was set up by Eddie and his crew and the hunt was on.
Opening day found us glassing and seeing several lesser bucks before deciding to make a play on a great mature buck. With a short stalk and a 20 minute waiting game, Matt made an incredible 480
yard one shot kill on his first AZ antelope. Matt showed incredible composure and his no fear attitude was a perfect combination for success.
It was a pleasure and a honor to get to know and hunt with the Gonzalez family and friends. They are a great group of people and look forward to the new friendships made and sharing future hunts.
If you are interested in supporting a great organization check out website for information and give Eddie a call.

Matthew Gonzalez with a great AZ antelope
harvested with a 480 yd shot

The "Crew"

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