Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My New Hunting Partner

Well boys I have traded you all in for a new hunting buddy. She is alot better looking than all the partners I have hunted with, she is also the first hunting partner I have ever held hands with while out in the woods, and lastly she sure smells alot better than all of you. My wife Melissa has sporatically gone scouting or just driving around in the woods on and off for several years now, but just this past winter we have had the opportunity to spend more time together since the kids have all grown up.

Just last month on only her second calling stand she had ever sat while holding a gun, she shot her first coyote.   Also this weekend while on her first horn hunting trip she found her first brown horn within the first 15 minutes. She was also with me when we found a pretty nice 7x7 pick up head. Enjoy some pictures of our adventures together and try to get your better half out enjoying what we all love to do so much.

Melissa the coyote hunter notice she wouldn't get very close to it.
Melissa picking up her 1st brown elk shed.
7x7 Pick up head as we found it.
Pretty good day

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