Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Andrew the Shed Freak

"I've created a monster!"  Little did I know that a harmless horn hunting trip 16 years ago would consume the life of my brother-in-law.  He eats and sleeps Horn-Hunting!  And over the years he's gotten pretty dang good at it.  This past weekend he came up to do a little looking around.  I sent him into an area that I knew should produce an antler or two.  To my surprise, he pulled 5 horns out, including a match set of goofy 5 points and this cool 7 point.

The next day we went into a nasty canyon to glass for bulls.  We didn't glass any elk so we decided to take a short walk.  I wanted to hit a ridge where I found a giant 177 5/8" horn last year in hopes of finding the other side.  After about an hour of circling I spotted a tine sticking up in the thick brush.

 The other side to my giant horn!
Within minutes, Andrew radioed me and said he had just found a big set of sheds.

The other side is behind the brush on the right

We circled back toward the truck and added 4 more horns to our tally.  But we left 2 ancient chalk horns there.  In 2 1/2 hours of hiking we found 7 horns, but no Browns.

Upon further examination, the set that Andrew found was the sheds off a bull that I had found a horn off of the year before.  Here are those horns together.

My Big Set! Too bad the mice got to his eyeguard

Andrew's weekend pile

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