Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Antelope Scouting Trip #2

Well we asked for rain and we got it.  Devin and the boys met me to scout antelope this weekend and so did the monsoon rain storms... Before we even arrived at camp it rained 1" plus and just kept coming leaving pretty much everything under water.  Units 4A and 5A had rolling monsoons pretty much all of Friday and Saturday which left for some cool weather and muddy four wheeler travel which the boys sure enjoyed.

We had quite a bit of success as we slipped and slid around on the four wheelers finding lots of elk in which 2 of the bulls were really nice 340-350 type bulls, and seeing 30+ antelope with 7 of those being bucks.  I did get some video with my Tinesup set up of the" Heart Shaped" buck that Devin hunted last year, pretty much in the same area he has been for the past few years.  Check out some pics and video from our weekend trip.......

One of the well needed storms this weekend

Treyden with his first set
Nice Az buck
The "Heart Shaped Buck"

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