Monday, December 9, 2013

Tom Chanez 3A-3C Bull Elk and Cabelas Out West Video

Tom had been applying with good friend, Leonard, and had finally pulled an early rifle bull tag.  When they arrived in camp I had a gift waiting for them.  I showed them video of the 385" bull that my archery client had missed.  I had lost the bull during the archery hunt but was able to relocate him just days before the start of the rifle hunt.  Unfortunately, he was missing an eye guard.
After watching the footage, Leonard and Tom decided that Tom would be the lucky hunter to go after the bull.  The rest of Tom's hunt was captured on film and aired on an episode of Cabela's Out West.
Congrats to Tom on a great AZ bull and a heck of a story to tell for years to come.  Click on the link below to watch Tom's hunt.


Damon, Tom and J


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