Monday, April 22, 2013

3C Junior Turkey Hunting 2013

The AZ turkey season is underway and the Juniors are up.  My good friend, Ben Williams has two boys that drew tags (Jarom and Trevor).  My 2nd daughter, Makenzie also drew a Jr. tag.  So the plan was to get in our scouting then hit the Jr. season hard.  Hopefully we could fill 2 out of the 3 tags before the general season opened.  The first morning, Ben was able to call in 4 jakes to 10 yards and his younger boy, Trevor let the lead fly.

Trevor's 1st Turkey
On the 4th morning, Makenzie was able to smell gun powder.  We trolled into a lonely gobbler that traveled a long ways to make our morning a success.  Makenzie shot this bird at 30 yards.
 Makenzie's 1st Hunt
There are still a few days left in the Jr. season, so we are still working on getting Jarom a bird.  We will let you know how that pans out.


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