Saturday, January 19, 2013

Two Firsts for Tyson

Last weekend found myself with my two sons Devin and Dane taking a good friend Tyson Webb Javelina hunting in unit 6A. We hunted some extremely rough country seeing Rocky Mountain Bighorn, Coues Whitetail and pigs both days we hunted.

Morning one started with Tyson spotting the first game of the hunt and yes it was pigs! The stalk was on and it was quite a stalk. With Devin leading both Tyson and Dane up hill multiple times, wearing them down pretty fast.  The pigs finally slowed down enough for them to catch up and make good on a 47 yard shot with a short track job to his first bow kill. Congrats on making a great shot on a hard earned pig.

Morning two found Dane and myself perched high on our glassing point while Devin and Tyson were making a few stands trying to score on an AZ grey fox. It only took 3 or 4 stands before an aggressive male responded to the call which resulted in a short 10 yard shot from a 12 guage with #2's and Tyson had his second first of the weekend.
We had a great time in some extremely rough country, having great success, enjoying each others company, and  spending some quality time in the AZ outdoors.

Great glassing country for AZ Rocky Mountain sheep, coues, and most important Pig!

Tyson and Dane with Tyson's first bow kill

Some local Rocky Mountain Bighorns that share the same country as the pigs we hunted

Tyson's first AZ grey fox 

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