Thursday, December 27, 2012

AZ Coues Deer LeftOvers

After not drawing a Strip tag for the 9th year now, some friends and I decided to pick up some leftover coues deer tags in southern AZ.  We chose a unit that none of us had been in to try and learn some new country.  Because no bonus points were burned and we knew nothing about the unit, it was pretty much an "anything with antlers" trip.

Our gang included myself, Richard Owens, Ben Williams, and Craig Blackburn.  Damon Hughes came along for the ride and was our hook-up for our sweet lodging.  We arrived late Wednesday night and scouted all day Thursday.  Then we hunted Friday and Saturday.  Here is a brief breakdown of each day.

Thursday Nov. 8 (scouting)
The weather was beautiful and we saw lots of deer.  Saw 10 bucks with two over 95".  Also had a mountain lion run across the road behind us.  No shots at the lion.

Friday Nov. 9 (opening day)
A storm moved in and it was miserable; windy and rainy.  Still managed to glass up one of our big bucks.  Craig missed him at 490 yards.  Didn't compensate for wind drift, shot wide left.  Fought weather all day.  I shot a buck about an hour before dark at just over 300 yards.

Saturday Nov. 10
Still fought weather; more wind and rain.  Craig and I saw some bucks and talked Ben and Richard into them.  Ben moved in and dropped the buck at 189 yards.  Later that evening, Richard and Craig found two bucks and Craig made good on a 160 yard opportunity.

Our Final Tally
4 tags bought.  2 days of hunting.  3 tags filled.  All bucks taken were 2 points.  Lots of fun!

Craig's 2 Point
Ben's 2 Point
My 2 Point
All Our 2 Points
The Gang
L-R: Richard Owens, Craig Blackburn, Me, Ben Williams, Damon Hughes, & Eyeguards!!

Have I mentioned that I'm heading to Mexico in January to hunt coues???  Stay tuned!

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