Sunday, April 8, 2012

400" or "Bust"

I'm sure most of us would take a "Bust" just to kill an incredible bull like either one of these AZ monsters.  Both bulls score just inches under the magical 400" mark and would be extremely hard for anyone to pass them up.  This first bull was taken while guiding for Chappell and Scott Guide Service and was harvested by good friend Mike Katich with a muzzleloader.  The bull had great thirds and an incredible split G-2 on his right side.  This hunt can be seen on the Extreme Bulls 5 video series produced by Chappell hunting productions.

This next incredible bull was harvested by Mike Baron of CA during the AZ early rifle hunt.  We chased this bull for 2 seasons in the exact same location before Mike Baron and Daniel took him on the third morning of the hunt.  We had nicknamed this bull "Caribou" due to the way his right side G-4 hooked forward like a bull caribou.  Two incredible bulls harvested by two great hunters.  Thanks for the memories guys...

Mike Katich's Monster AZ Muzzleloader Bull

Check out the incredible split G-2

Mike Baron with an AZ monarch

Mike Baron with the "Caribou Bull"

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