Thursday, July 17, 2014

My 2013 Mule Deer Hunt on the AZ Strip

A lot of you have been asking me about the buck that I killed on the Strip last year.  After a lot of procrastination I've finally finished the video.  Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

3A-3C Late AZ Bulls .......... Texas Style

We had a phenomenal late elk season in 2013!!  We went 6 for 6 in only three days of hunting!!  And our average gross score was just over 315"!

Two of the bulls were taken in Unit 1 with Mike and Devin.  Their stories and pictures will be posted soon.  The other four bulls were taken in unit 3A-3C.  J Lewis and I had the privilege of hunting with a great group of guys from Dripping Springs, Texas.  Jim and Weldon Smith, David Cooper, and Chris Masterson all applied together and made the trek to AZ.  With Thanksgiving crowding the start of their hunt, Jim, Weldon, and David opted to fly in on opening day while Chris made the drive with guns and gear.

The gang arrived in Heber at 2:15pm on opening day and we quickly loaded them up and headed to the woods.  J and I had located numerous bulls that morning and had three 6 points bedded in a cut.  Within 2 hours, we had all three bulls on the ground!  I've seen or heard of a couple of "double kills" but never a "triple".  It was awesome and I was able to capture it on film.

 L-R  Chris, Weldon, Jim, and David
  The Texas Gang and their Bulls
We spent the entire next day cutting and packing-out bulls.  But we still had a tag to fill.  On the afternoon of day 3, Chris was settling his crosshairs on an AZ bull and made good on a couple tough shots.  All I know is these Texas boys can shoot!! They did a great job and were all rewarded with great bulls and memories they will never forget.  Thanks again guys!
Chris with his AZ Late Bull

Saturday, January 4, 2014

3A/3C AZ Mule Deer Success 2013

Our 2013 mule deer hunt was a great one.  We had a great group of guys and some good mule deer to chase.  And we even left some for 2014 (some not by choice).

Jack Kolar from WI traveled to AZ in hopes of harvesting a buck worthy of a life-size mount.  Little did Jack know that his dreams were about to come true.  One the evening of day 1, Jack and I had to get aggressive on a bedded buck due to other hunters in the area.  We were able to nudge the buck and Jack made a great shot at 260 yards as the buck was trying to slip out of the area.

 Jack's 194" AZ Mule Deer
35" Wide 4x6

Steve Ferenczy from OH was up next.  On the afternoon of day 4, we were set up on a buck I had found that morning.  After 4 days of hunting, Steve made the decision to try and harvest the buck.  A couple hours later and Steve's buck was down.  I captured Steve's hunt on film and it was featured on an episode of Cabela's Out West.  Click on the link at the bottom of this post to watch Steve's hunt unfold.

 Steve's 170" AZ Buck   31" Wide
J "Sanchez" packing out
Dave Betters from CO also traveled to AZ to hunt with BTO.  Mike Hancock and Dave hunted hard for a buck that any mule deer hunter would be proud of.  He was in a tough spot and often hard to locate.  But we beat the odds and had numerous encounters with this great buck.  Unfortunately, Dave had a few missed opportunities and the big, wide 4x4 made it through the season.  This big buck seemed to have 9 lives!  Maybe next year.......

 Big 4x4 Frame
 32" Wide ???
Cabela's Out West featuring Steve Ferenczy's AZ Mule Deer Hunt


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Andrew Crandell's 3A-3C Rifle Bull

This year I had the pleasure of hunting with my brother-in-law, Andrew Crandell on his very first elk hunt.  Andrew has been applying for an early elk tag since 2000, and he finally pulled a tag.  We hunted for 5 days before Andrew pulled the trigger on a great bull.  Congrats to Andrew and I'm sure I will be hunting elk with him again in the future. Video of Andrew's hunt will be posted later this winter.

Like father, like son

"The Abe Lincoln!"

Monday, December 9, 2013

Tom Chanez 3A-3C Bull Elk and Cabelas Out West Video

Tom had been applying with good friend, Leonard, and had finally pulled an early rifle bull tag.  When they arrived in camp I had a gift waiting for them.  I showed them video of the 385" bull that my archery client had missed.  I had lost the bull during the archery hunt but was able to relocate him just days before the start of the rifle hunt.  Unfortunately, he was missing an eye guard.
After watching the footage, Leonard and Tom decided that Tom would be the lucky hunter to go after the bull.  The rest of Tom's hunt was captured on film and aired on an episode of Cabela's Out West.
Congrats to Tom on a great AZ bull and a heck of a story to tell for years to come.  Click on the link below to watch Tom's hunt.


Damon, Tom and J

Monday, November 18, 2013

Leonard Raimondo's 3A/3C Rifle Bull

This year Leonard decided to cash in his bonus points for a 3A/3C rifle tag (he had something like 22 or 23).  He was able to travel out with his two friends Mike and Tom.  Tom had also drawn a tag.  We were able to look over some good bulls before this bull strolled out on a big point sunning himself.  Leonard made a perfect 150 yard shot and the bull ran about 75 yards before piling up.  Congrats on a great bull and thanks for letting BTO be a part of your hunt.

Leonard's bull had 23+ in. royals and 58 in. beams

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Art Otero's 3C archery bull

This year Art Otero was fortunate enough to draw a 3C tag and booked with Burnt Timber Outfitters.  We were able to harvest his bull on the 3rd day of Art's hunt.  We watched the bull fight a 340 type bull before he walked up to 25 yards and presented a shot.  Art's great bull gross scored a little over 384.  Congrats Art and thanks for letting me be part of your hunt.